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Advertising on YouTube.

YouTube has become a very powerful platform for advertisers. You can outsource Youtube Advertising to DGTLbase.

This allows users to be targeted based on age and gender, interests and purchase intent, as well as the type of content they watch across a range of video formats and ad type. #gongotyourback

How does DGTLbase help with advertising on YouTube?

At DGTLbase, we create YouTube campaigns specific to your business goals to help your brand capitalize on the growing audience found on the platform.

Our certified Google Ads specialists have more than 10 years of experience in running effective campaigns in the field of online marketing, including Paid Search Advertising and Google Ads management.

“Thanks to years of combined experience and the use of data analysis and research, we know exactly what works on YouTube.”

Karim Oudejans

Digital Advertising Director

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Work with a Social advertising agency committed to taking your business to the next level in terms of traffic, leads and revenue growth. See how we’ve helped other clients:

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The trusted experts in running your Google Ads/SEM, on the most efficient and effective day. They have proven to deliver excellent results in multiple markets for varying degrees of advertisers. Equally important, they are knowledgeable about multiple search platforms like Google and Bing and have great customer consulting skills.
AnitaRAI Amsterdam
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Real SEO & content marketing toppers. With great passion and success, SEO has been put on the map at the RAI. The strength lies in the fact that both the technology and the business switch well. Very nice to work with such result-oriented professionals!
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Our trusted advisors for SEO optimisation projects. From the beginning it was clear that they are very knowledgable and good at explaining things in a way everyone can understand. I would happily work with this team again and recommend them for anyone looking for a thorough SEO experts.
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A dedicated, ambitious and distinctive SEO Experts. The past year we worked together at our Marketing Department on various optimisation projects, bringing our eCommerce business in multiple markets back to Google’s top rank. With an data driven mindset and collaborative spirit, hard work becomes fun. I would definitely recommend, if you want your website to be the highest ranking kid in class!

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YouTube advertisements (YouTube Ads) are the new TV commercials. Instead of choosing a time slot during a particular show or program and hoping to reach the right people, you can now reach them directly. This highly targeted audience selection makes YouTube ads so attractive to use for everything from awareness campaigns to direct sales campaigns. And especially if you apply personalized advertisements. The YouTube platform has a huge reach.

Youtube ads are measurable

Another advantage of YouTube ads is that they are measurable. Tracking people who view your ads and continue to your website and convert is essential for success. With YouTube advertising, you can see all this data and understand the entire journey. This will give you a better insight into your return on investment and you can adjust your advertising spend accordingly.

Remarketing via YouTube ads

YouTube advertising is also a great way to grow your market. Video ads are a great way to reach many people with a very clear and compelling offer. From there, you can remarket to people who engage with your videos to encourage them to take action or get them to watch related videos. In this way, YouTube ads are a great tool for your customers’ entire purchasing cycle.

Benefits of YouTube Ads

Reach the right audience: Reach customers on YouTube based on topics, keywords, or demographics, such as “women under 35.” Create a campaign in just a few minutes: Create a Google Ads account, set up a campaign and reach your target group. Advertising on YouTube can now really start!

YouTube has many advertising options, which means it can be flexible for all kinds of businesses with all kinds of budgets. Creating high-quality video ads in YouTube videos doesn’t have to cost a lot of money – some of the best ads are simple. That said, you should be prepared to get picky about your video content and change it based on the data you get back. Building brand awareness on YouTube advertising is all in all an interesting opportunity. Video advertisements increase the online visibility of your brand.

The DGTLbase advertising team is happy to help you reach your target group on multiple social media channels. We specialize in LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and TikTok.
Just because all these networks are available to you doesn’t mean you have to advertise through all these channels. We help you determine which platforms you want to advertise on to reach your target group.


Facebook and LinkedIn

Popular social media for advertising are Facebook and LinkedIn. You can enter target group criteria on both channels, so that your advertisements are only shown to your target group. Within LinkedIn Ads you can use filters such as company size and position and via Facebook Ads you can filter your audience by region, place of residence and interests, among other things.

Google AdWords and Marktplaats Admarkt

In addition to social media, you can also opt for advertisements via Google AdWords or Marktplaats Admarkt. The systems largely work the same, only AdWords is much larger and more extensive than Admarkt. That is why you need quite a bit of knowledge of Search Engine Advertising (SEA) for AdWords, and you also have to invest a lot of time to use it effectively.

Email marketing and direct mail

In addition, as an online retailer you have the choice between email marketing and direct mail. If you have a good address database, email marketing can yield you a lot. But with direct mail you have a better chance of getting noticed. Nowadays people are bombarded with emails. Physical printed matter such as an envelope or folder is more eye-catching.

The average YouTube channel earns about $18 per 1,000 ad views, which works out to about $3 to $5 per video view, according to Influencer Marketing Hub data.

You would think; the more views, the more you earn. However, that does not work out the same. If your video is viewed thousands of times, but no one watches or clicks on the ads, you still earn nothing. This is due to YouTube’s criteria for ads: viewers must click on an ad or watch it all (10,15 or 30 seconds) before you actually get paid.

Basically, advertising on YouTube works much the same as advertising in Google. For example, the campaigns are both set up via Google Ads.
You must upload the videos that you want to use as a video advertisement to your channel. After creating a YouTube channel, there are a number of steps before your advertisements are delivered.

Easy said:

  • Upload a video to your YouTube channel. Please note: YouTube must receive the videos no later than two working days before the start of your campaign;
  • Create a campaign in Google Ads and choose the correct objective;
  • Set up the campaign: consider the budget and duration of your campaign,
  • specify your target group and create the advertisement with, for example, a call to action;
  • Ready, set, go! Your campaign is now ready to be delivered to the target group you have determined.

YouTube Advertising (ads) uses Google data to adapt your message and ensure it reaches the right people at the right time. How to best reach your audience through advertising on YouTube:

  • Demographic groups: Choose the age, gender, household income, etc.
  • Detailed demographics: Reach your viewers based on detailed shared data and attributes, such as education, homeownership, young parents.
  • Interests: Choose from different interest segments that best suit your audience to specifically target their interests and hobbies – even if they visit pages on other topics.
  • Affinity Segments: Increase brand awareness and drive interest by reaching people who already have a strong interest in relevant topics.
  • Custom affinity segments: Custom affinity segments allow you to create audiences that are more aligned with your brands than broad segments. For example, instead of reaching “Sports Fans,” a running shoe company might be better off reaching “Avid Marathon Runners.”
  • Life events: Reach potential customers with YouTube advertising and Gmail during life milestones, such as moving, graduating or getting married.
  • Market segments: Select from these target groups customers who are researching products and actively considering purchasing a service or product as you offer them.
  • Custom segments: Custom segments allow you to reach viewers as they make a purchasing decision based on the keywords they recently searched on Google.
  • Your data segments: Reach more viewers on YouTube and Google video partners based on their past interactions with your videos, video ads, or YouTube channel, after you link the YouTube channel to your Google Ads account. You can also show ads to people who have interacted with your website or mobile app.
  • Customer Match: Customer Match lets you use your first-party online and offline data to reach and re-engage customers through YouTube and Google video partners.
  • Similar Segments: Similar Segments is a targeting feature based on first-party data lists that allows you to expand the reach of your top-performing audiences by targeting new users with similar characteristics to those in your data segments or Customer Match segments.

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