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With more than 1.5 billion users per month, YouTube offers businesses a tremendous opportunity to build brand awareness, attract leads and generate sales.

Like other sites within the Google ecosystem, YouTube has become a very powerful platform for advertisers. Users can be targeted based on age and gender, interests and buying intent, as well as the type they view across a range of video formats and ad types.

Video ads on YouTube are great for building brand awareness, but it’s increasingly proving that it can also drive action.

We create campaigns specific to your business goals to help your brand capitalize on the growing audience found on the platform.

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Youtube advertising

Trueview Video Ads

Wanneer u inhoud op YouTube bekijkt, ziet u vaak een advertentie vóór of tijdens de inhoud. Dit wordt YouTube TrueView-advertenties genoemd. U betaalt pas voor de videoadvertentie als deze 30 seconden loopt of is voltooid, afhankelijk van wat het eerst komt. Als de gebruiker besluit om over te slaan, worden er geen kosten in rekening gebracht, dus u betaalt alleen voor die zinvolle interacties.

We installeren en beheren TrueView InStream- en TrueView In-display-advertenties; ze insluiten in geschikte video’s om uw producten en diensten te promoten, zodat ze worden gezien door het publiek dat u wilt aantrekken.

Youtube Bumper Ads

Short, sharp and powerful, YouTube’s Bumper ads are a great way to build on brand awareness campaigns or retarget users in a cost-effective way. The 6 second, unskippable ad format means viewers have no choice but to watch the ad.

Since these non-skippable ads only run a few short seconds, compelling creative is essential to engage your audience in a short timeframe.

Bumper ads can run as standalone ad campaigns, but Google recommends airing them in with TrueView Ads to achieve the best ad recall and engagement.

In-Stream Ads

These are the same format as TrueView ads, but they appear halfway through your video. You need to make sure that for hot users, this approach is disruptive to many people.

Display ads

These are similar to showing ads elsewhere on the web and will appear to the right of the video and above the suggested videos.

Overlay Ads

These eye-catching ads are semi-transparent and appear in the lower part of the video.

YouTube Reporting

Ad reporting and measurement is key to improving performance and understanding ROI. We help you understand if you’re meeting your goals by tracking several key performance indicators (KPIs) of awareness, consideration and action.

Our reporting is provided in a clear and concise manner, so that you are fully informed of progress at every stage of the campaign.



YouTube Ads are really the new TV commercials. However, instead of picking a time slot during a certain show and hoping to reach the right people, now you can reach them directly. This highly-targeted audience selection is what makes YouTube Ads so appealing to use for everything from awareness campaigns to direct sales campaigns.

Another benefit of YouTube Ads is that they’re measurable. Tracking people viewing your ads and following through to your website and to conversion is critical for success. YouTube allows you to see all this data and make sense of the full journey. This helps you to better understand your return on investment and tailor your ad spend accordingly.

YouTube is also a fantastic way to grow your market. Video ads are a great way to reach a lot of people with a very clear and engaging offer. From there, you can remarket to people who are engaging with your videos to nurture them into action. In this way, YouTube Ads are a great tool for the entire buying cycle of your customers.

YouTube has a lot of advertising options, which means it can be flexible for all kinds of businesses with all kinds of budgets. The main thing it relies on is great videos! Creating quality video ads doesn’t have to break the bank – some of the best ads are simple ones. That being said, you should be prepared to get picky about your video content and to change it based on the data you get back.

If you’ve got great videos already, or you’re prepared to create some, then the world is your oyster on YouTube. If you’d like to get an idea of how YouTube Ads can work for your business, get in touch for a free strategy today!

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