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Technical SEO is the process of making sure your website is compliant with search engine guidelines so that it can be crawled and indexed without any hassle. The best goal of a technical SEO audit is to assess your website’s current SEO and determine which aspects you need to improve for a seamless online experience.

Today, websites with poor structure, slow page load times, and clumsy redirects can be penalized by Google. Without proper intervention, these technical SEO issues can result in a significant drop in search results and organic traffic. Since the best organic search results receive nearly 35 percent of clicks, a drop in rankings can be detrimental to your business.

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On-Site Optimization

In technical SEO, there are usually plenty of small improvements that translate into big results. Optimizing elements on the site such as content, images, meta tags, internal links, design, server speed, IP addresses and digging technical details of the website is a great way to improve your site’s ranking in search engines.

JavaScript optimization

As an integral part of almost every website, JavaScript is a critical aspect that influences SEO results. As it is responsible for adding dynamism and engagement to the site, it significantly impacts the user experience. organized and handle interactions with the host or events has a major impact on overall SEO performance.

Performance optimization

Get a complete overview of your competition’s optimization tactics and determine your conversion opportunities. Our technical SEO advisor evaluates your competition keyword performance, search engine rankings, social media presence, and technical and backlink profile. These processes allow us to develop strategies that give you a clear advantage in your respective niche market.


Page speed affects your ranking and, more importantly, your customers’ online experience. Our technical SEO specialists enable file compression to reduce the size of your CSS, JavaSCript and HTML files. We also optimize your code, reduce redirects, leverage browser caching, use content distribution networks (CDNs), and improve server response time.


Make it easier for search engines to search, interpret, and display your content using schema formatting. We highlight your page elements, assign data tags, create the HTML, and add the schema markup to your page. Our team uses the Google Structured Data Testing Tool to test your flags and identify any issues.


Google sanctions can be a product of algorithm changes or technical SEO for WordPress. To help you recover from a fine, our SEO experts use Google Search Console to determine what type of fine is affecting your website, assess your backlink strategies, and resolve variations on original web pages and content crawled by Google . We also check all your redirects to make sure they are working correctly

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