SEO course.

This training is aimed at web developers, entrepreneurs, online marketers, seo consultants and anyone who wants to (further) develop themselves in the field of search engine optimization SEO. This training discusses how to develop and manage an “SEO-friendly” website in 2021, so that your website is optimally found in the Google search engine.

✓ Tailor-made SEO coaching and training
✓ 1 on 1 counseling process
✓ Training for companies and in-house marketing teams
✓ Learn everything about SEO
✓ 130 people preceded you

"An SEO training that is clear, concise and focused on you."
Sr. SEO & Growth Consultant

SEO courses can be boring, confusing, or just a sneaky sales pitch to sell your services. That’s why our approach is different:

  • Adapted to your company or situation
  • In bite-sized chunks
  • Explained in an understandable way
  • Including a follow-up program (if desired)
  • This way you learn faster, you remember more and you stay inspired to apply what you have learned.

They already preceded you

Our participants about the SEO training

Clear training on the essence of SEO and Content Marketing.
Tata Steel
Marketing Team
Thanks to your training, we now achieve more visitors via Google.
RNW Media
Content & Editors team
Your SEO training has brought us further as a team.
Online marketing team

Everything about the SEO training

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