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An SEO site migration is often necessary when a website moves from one domain to another, or when the domain name of the site changes. During this process, it is essential that there are as few negative consequences for search engines and users as possible.

For a successful site migration, you need an SEO company that can operate directly on the site migration project and help you plan as efficiently as possible. Moreover, you will need trustworthy specialists you can rely on to make the process as smooth as possible.

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Dutch Search Awards
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Dutch Search Awards
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The complexities and nuances of Search Engine Optimization need a specialist’s attention. Our SEO agency has grown with Google and we keep abreast of algorithmic and technical updates on a daily basis.

Domain migration

A common domain change is from a country-specific Top Level Domain (TLD) such as to an internationally acceptable .com version.

CMS migration

Moving your website from your current CMS to a new one, for example from Joomla to WordPress.

Redesign migration

Modifications that range from minor aesthetic changes to a complete website redesign with major code and copy changes.

Migration protocol

Google (Alphabet) wants to make the internet safer. Websites that use https:// have received a boost in search visibility since 2014 over websites that use the insecure http:/// protocol. Switching to https:// is done using 301 (permanent) redirects that don't pass 100% of the URLs link equity or PageRank to its new destination.

“Although the core of my work consists of SEO, my aim is always to achieve online growth on all channels”

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Work with an SEO agency that is committed to taking your website to the next level in terms of visibility, search engine rankings and traffic. See how we’ve helped other customers:

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The trusted experts in running your Google Ads/SEM, on the most efficient and effective day. They have proven to deliver excellent results in multiple markets for varying degrees of advertisers. Equally important, they are knowledgeable about multiple search platforms like Google and Bing and have great customer consulting skills.
AnitaRAI Amsterdam
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Real SEO & content marketing toppers. With great passion and success, SEO has been put on the map at the RAI. The strength lies in the fact that both the technology and the business switch well. Very nice to work with such result-oriented professionals!
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Our trusted advisors for SEO optimisation projects. From the beginning it was clear that they are very knowledgable and good at explaining things in a way everyone can understand. I would happily work with this team again and recommend them for anyone looking for a thorough SEO experts.
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A dedicated, ambitious and distinctive SEO Experts. The past year we worked together at our Marketing Department on various optimisation projects, bringing our eCommerce business in multiple markets back to Google’s top rank. With an data driven mindset and collaborative spirit, hard work becomes fun. I would definitely recommend, if you want your website to be the highest ranking kid in class!

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If the search engines are responsible for a significant portion of your website’s organic traffic and/or revenue, then the answer is probably yes.

An SEO website migration isn’t simply creating a few 301 redirects, it’s the art and science of figuring out what’s at risk with your redevelopment or upgrade project and putting in place processes to mitigate that risk. It reduces (where possible) the number of unnecessary changes to your site to minimize the flux and fluctuations in Google on launch day. It provides the necessary precautions and benchmarks to resolve any issues quickly.

If you’re feeling a little out of touch with any of these tasks, it’s worth talking to an SEO migration specialist.

Over time, websites (and individual pages) naturally gain links and trust in search engines — and by extension, some good positions in Google, even if you don’t do SEO explicitly. Without properly redirecting these from your old site to your new website, you could find on launch day that all this is lost.

If you are not sure what SEO ‘value’ your current website has, give us a call or use the contact form for advice.

The purpose of the migration to a new site is to preserve what you have already worked hard to build. Typically a successful migration project can be summed up by not a single change in traffic levels, search visibility and revenue. Furthermore, some of the digital marketing tools our SEO experts use during the migration process are Google Analytics, Google Search Console

That said, if you get us on the project early enough, we can advise you on the migration to your new domain so that it takes off and outperforms the old one.

By capturing benchmarked data and comparing it to site performance after going live, you can quickly see if the project has been a success.

During each migration, we record a large number of datasets at both domain and page levels (authority, engagement, load times, traffic and conversion levels, uptime, inbound links, etc). Hereafter, we track and record site performance daily, weekly and a month after launch which is concluded with a post-migration report 1-2 months after deployment. During this period, we will communicate any fixes and issues that arise immediately. Nothing is left to chance.

With a website migration, we will ‘move’ your entire website or some of its pages to, for example, a new domain or CMS.

It is only an SEO migration when we take into account the accumulated SEO value and move it separately. It goes beyond redirects and some plugins. After all, a strategic SEO migration takes all sources into account and prevents search engines from reacting too strongly to the structural changes to your website.

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