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Do you want to be advised by an experienced SEO Agency in Amsterdam to make your website easier to find? Our SEO specialists are happy to help you in the form of professional and personal SEO advice. The goal of SEO (search engine optimization) is to score higher in the organic search results of search engines such as  Google and Bing. DGTLbase provides SEO advice in and around Amsterdam and together we achieve maximum results!

If you would like to find out more about what DGTLbase’s team of SEO specialists can do for your website, get in touch to discuss how we can set out on the road to online success#wegotyourback

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Dutch Search Awards
Emerce award


Dutch Search Awards
Emerce award


DGTLbase is an expert online marketing agency in Amsterdam that helps you increase online findability. By optimizing your website, we ensure a guaranteed increase in organic traffic. In addition to our many years of experience, we follow the latest trends and technical updates on a daily basis, and we work with state-of-the-art tools, which enables us to achieve maximum results for our customers. Our company is located in Amsterdam-North.


We start the campaign with a detailed website audit. These audits are critical to understanding how your current website is built. This way we also discover any technical errors that hinder your site. A website audit forms the beginning of a solid foundation.

Keyword Research & Analysis

One of the most important elements of any SEO campaign we run is keyword research. With this we locate the right keywords. Keywords are the terms or phrases your potential customers search for and then find your company in the search engines.


To be easy to find, it is important to know who the competition is. Using this knowledge, we can outsmart competitors and build stronger and more efficient campaigns. We provide insight into how we can beat your competitors.


We are a strong supporter of transparency. DGTLbase works with detailed reports on strategy, analysis and results. These reports provide an overview of how the campaigns are progressing and where the opportunities and areas for improvement are.

“Although the core of my work consists of SEO, my goal is always to achieve online growth on all channels”

Desmond Boateng
Head of SEO
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Partner with a digital agency that is committed to taking your website to the next level in terms of online findability, search engine ranking and organic traffic. See how we’ve helped other customers:

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The trusted experts in running your Google Ads/SEM, on the most efficient and effective day. They have proven to deliver excellent results in multiple markets for varying degrees of advertisers. Equally important, they are knowledgeable about multiple search platforms like Google and Bing and have great customer consulting skills.
AnitaRAI Amsterdam
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Real SEO & content marketing toppers. With great passion and success, SEO has been put on the map at the RAI. The strength lies in the fact that both the technology and the business switch well. Very nice to work with such result-oriented professionals!
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Our trusted advisors for SEO optimisation projects. From the beginning it was clear that they are very knowledgable and good at explaining things in a way everyone can understand. I would happily work with this team again and recommend them for anyone looking for a thorough SEO experts.
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A dedicated, ambitious and distinctive SEO Experts. The past year we worked together at our Marketing Department on various optimisation projects, bringing our eCommerce business in multiple markets back to Google’s top rank. With an data driven mindset and collaborative spirit, hard work becomes fun. I would definitely recommend, if you want your website to be the highest ranking kid in class!

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Search engine optimization is an essential part of online marketing. SEO  is aimed at making your website easier to find  in search engines such as Google. The big  advantage  of SEO is that over time it ensures the   achievement of  continuous results free of charge

Here you will find frequently asked questions from our customers about search engine optimization or search engine marketing (SEO).

DGTLbase has a dedicated SEO team with experienced professionals. Our SEO team is always up to date with the latest SEO trends and SEO techniques, so that full SEO support can be given to clients and other colleagues. 

Our SEO team also works hand in hand with our own web design team to make all necessary changes to set up your website on page for SEO, and thus increase local findability or internationally.

Google is subjected to more than 3.5 billion searches every day and this number is increasing every day. When people need a new product or service, Google is usually their first step. Search engine optimization is therefore very important to generate visitors and leads, which will boost sales.

Keywords (keywords) are the basis of SEO (search engine optimization). Use the right keywords and it will ensure that a (potential) customer can easily find you in Google. DGTLbase (among others a search engine optimization agency) helps you select the best keywords for your company that people use to find services, products or information from your sector or niche. Our strategy includes competitor analysis, search queries, search trend analysis, and keyword relevance check.

Authority is an important part when it comes to your position in the search engine. How do we increase that as link building specialist Amsterdam? We briefly explain what link building exactly means and what link building can do for your company. 

Link building is part of SEO (search engine optimization). SEO means that you work organically (unpaid) on your online findability. The goal of link building is to have more relevant external links lead to your website or webshop. The more relevant links your website gets, the more authority Google attributes to your website. Google expresses this authority in a domain authority score. In other words: the more websites refer to you, the higher your domain authority score is and the better you are found.

You can outsource link building to a link building agency, such as DGTLbase. We increase your organic findability through good link building and relevant backlinks.

It depends on your competition and the authority of your website. The less competitive your niche is and the higher your existing domain authority, the sooner we will see positive results.

We are confident in our SEO strategies and in general we will see growth in organic traffic and conversions after about 3 months. However, it is important to note that SEO is never ‘done’. It is an ongoing process that must be maintained in order to benefit from long-term success.

Being high in Google does not necessarily provide an interesting ROI. Conversion optimization does. As a full-service SEO agency, we work on the basis of a good online marketing strategy and we convert all those extra (relevant) visitors into more concrete leads and turnover.

We believe that accurate and informative reporting is essential to long-term success and maintaining a healthy relationship.

At DGTLBase we like to create personalized live dashboards via Google Data Studio. This means we will be delivering in-depth monthly reports covering every aspect of our work, complete with commentary. In addition, you will always have access to the dashboard to monitor progress.

With SEO you go for a high organic position in the search engine. It takes some time, but ensures a place that you don’t just lose. Do you also want direct results in addition to SEO? With Search Engine Advertising (SEA) you are much faster at the top.

Good SEO landing pages lead to a higher quality score in Google Ads, which may lead to lower advertising costs. You can therefore perfectly complement your SEO strategy with paid advertisements in the search engine. Our DGTLbase SEA experts are at your service. Feel free to contact us and ask about the possibilities. 

Yes, there are several great vacancies open with us! Including an SEO traneeship.

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