Hi, I am Sven.

Project Manager

Throughout the years I’ve learned to love everything digital. From implementing 3D-design processes to digital marketing and advertising: the digital world has always been a motivator to me in terms of my professional and creative journey. 

Working at DGTLbase as Project Assistant, I get the opportunity to synthesize my digital admirations with my already built up organizational skillset. When it comes to managing projects, I am a huge advocate for excellent communication flows, both personally and professionally (’cause communication is ALWAYS key!).

Outside of work, you can find me at any coffee spot in Amsterdam. I wouldn’t call myself a coffee addict, but more of an exceptionally caffeine fanatic. I’m always on the hunt for new coffee spot gems, and love to start my day there with a cappuccino and sudoku (no phone!). 

Fun fact: I suck at making latte art. Oh, and I am only allowed to leave the coffee spot when I’ve finished at least one sudoku.

At DGTLbase, my daily tasks are never the same. An average day goes from organising and managing everything related to the office to supporting various client projects. So I have a real jack-of-all-trades job!

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