Hi, i am Demi.

Content Manager & Visual designer

Demi is always busy with many different hobbies. She enjoys dancing, socializing with friends, taking photos while traveling and customizing her sneakers.

Demi's personal image

As a self-taught Visual Designer, I’m always trying to broaden my knowledge and level up my experience. At DGTLbase, I extended my knowledge working with different content management systems (CMS) and I also found that this is where my heart lies.

I am often called an organized mess. I like making lists and planning, but at the same time I prefer to finish everything immediately. That is not always realistic.🙂

Dancing is my great passion. I’ve been dancing since I was 4 years old!

DGTLbase is a company where you get the space to develop and acquire new knowledge and skills that, for example, are not within your own field. That is how I joined the company as a visual designer, but I now also do a lot in the field of content marketing and SEO. Before I started at DGTLbase, I had 0 experience with this.

DGTLbase is a cozy and fun company with young people who are all in the same phase of life. We all love a good party/drink at the office, but we also sometimes go to a festival with the group.

Working at DGTLbase is therefore not only the right place to gain a lot of work experience, but also a place with nice colleagues who ensure that the working atmosphere is always pleasant.

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