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Do you have a scale-up and do you want to grow online? We help scale ups to achieve more results online. Growing is a healthy but tough challenge. The related online issues differ from those of a company in the start-up phase and therefore require a different marketing strategy.


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A company can call itself a scale-up when this company is in the growth phase. In this phase it has a proven concept and an associated turnover. Growing is a healthy but tough challenge. It is therefore not for every company to grow from start-up to scale-up.

As a result, your leads are willing to leave contact details. At that moment the next phase starts. From lead to sale.

Scale-up vs. start-up

There are no hard conditions for a scale up. However, you can generally speak of a start-up when it has been in existence for at least 5 years and has reached a turnover of 10 million in the first 10 years. There is potential to enter a broad market and a roll-out abroad is possible. These issues therefore require a different marketing strategy than the start phase. In the start-up phase it is especially important to create a product and find a market for it.

Growth phase and marketing strategy of scale-ups

The scale-up has proven itself, there is a product market fit. Now is the time to scale up. Not only will the objectives change, but other instruments will also be used. This generally requires more knowledge than is available, a larger team and therefore a different strategy and working method. After all, every company can only spend its money once. For maximum results, smart use must be made of scalable and measurable initiatives. Automation is key in this phase. The all-round marketer often falls short here. There is a need for various experts such as SEO and SEA specialists, growth hackers, UX designers and conversion optimization specialists. Together they promote a common goal: maximum growth with minimal resources.

What is the value of an interim or freelance online marketeer?

Within a start-up you often see that the founder does everything himself. From sales to marketing and from HR to finance. These roles are divided within a scale-up. It is the power of delegation that should rule here. Investing in this phase is therefore important. As a founder, you cannot do everything at the same time.

As experienced external online marketers, we draw up the new growth strategy together with you. We take your marketing team by the hand, reorganize them, prepare them for the future and jointly implement the new strategy.


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