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Get the best results with LinkedIn advertising!

LinkedIn is the social media channel to build, maintain a professional network and generate B2B leads! LinkedIn has 5.5 million users in the Netherlands alone, and 950 million members worldwide! This makes it one of the largest social networking platforms in the world.

Therefore, LinkedIn is becoming an increasingly important part of the marketing mix, and is the ideal platform for pormotion of your company, business-to-business leads and networking. #wegotyourback


Dutch Search Awards
Emerce award


Dutch Search Awards
Emerce award


DGTLbase is an expert LinkedIn advertising agency in Amsterdam that helps you increase online findability. So do you want to advertise on LinkedIn or improve the performance of LinkedIn advertising? Then you have come to the right place!

As an experienced LinkedIn Advertising agency, we can help you increase brand awareness, engage existing customers and reach a whole new audience of prospects. LinkedIn ads reach your audience.

We have extensive experience supporting numerous businesses in a wide range of different industries – and we will put this knowledge to good use.

We deliver LinkedIn ads for your business with targeted focus, unique creative content and campaign management.

In addition to our years of experience, we follow the latest trends and technical updates daily, and work with state-of-the-art tools, which enables us to achieve maximum results for our clients.


Once your campaign strategy and structure are in place, we focus on optimizing your offer and ads to generate leads. Our team can develop ads with a clear call-to-action that maximize clickthrough rates. If possible, we will also create multiple versions of your ads for A/B testing, replacing the worst performing one and encouraging the other to make constant improvement.


You cannot create a successful linkedIn - ads campaign without a plan. Defining strategy and planning are key to making LinkedIn ads campaigns successful. At DGTLbase, we start by developing a comprehensive strategy for your campaign based on your business goals. After we determine the best LinkedIn ad strategy that will help you reach your LinkedIn audience, we set up your campaign to position your business for success from the start. Once the LinkedIn Ad strategy is approved by you, our Digital Advertising team implements the LinkedIn Ad strategy.


To set up an effective LinkedIn ad campaign, you need to know exactly who your target audience is, their demographics, behaviors and the websites they visit. Today, targeting allows you to choose from the following five main categories: Company, Demographics, Education, Experience and Interests and Behavior These five main categories are in turn divided into several subcategories, of which you can make endless combinations. We split and analyze your ad target audience and determine the best combination of keywords and website placements to target them. Then we continue to monitor and optimize your campaign targeting to achieve continuous results.


We are dedicated to delivering long-term, sustainable results for your brand. We constantly focus on performance and going for the maximum Return on Investment (ROI) for your brand. That's why we analyze a LinkedIn campaign through detailed analytics - and reports we are completely transparent about our approach. Once your LinkedIn advertising campaign is active, we continuously monitor it for possible areas of improvement and optimization, and send regular reports of the analyses made.


LinkedIn’s popularity is skyrocketing. With a whopping 74.5% of the Dutch workforce having a profile. This makes LinkedIn the largest business network in the Netherlands, and a real goldmine for B2B companies.

LinkedIn Ads is the perfect way to build your marketing, expand your network and generate B2B leads. In fact, the platform offers ads for every purpose:

  • Starting conversations with potential leads
  • Reaching job applicants
  • Video and dynamic ads, etc.

In addition, advertising on LinkedIn contributes immensely to the organic growth of your company and LinkedIn profile. This is because the algorithm attaches great value to the combination of LinkedIn advertising and organic posts. This will increase your reach and more and more potential leads will see your posts.

Thereby, LinkedIn Advertising can be used for the long and short term.

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Work with a Social advertising agency committed to taking your business to the next level in terms of traffic, leads and revenue growth. See how we’ve helped other clients:

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Real SEO & content marketing toppers. With great passion and success, SEO has been put on the map at the RAI. The strength lies in the fact that both the technology and the business switch well. Very nice to work with such result-oriented professionals!
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Our trusted advisors for SEO optimisation projects. From the beginning it was clear that they are very knowledgable and good at explaining things in a way everyone can understand. I would happily work with this team again and recommend them for anyone looking for a thorough SEO experts.
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A dedicated, ambitious and distinctive SEO Experts. The past year we worked together at our Marketing Department on various optimisation projects, bringing our eCommerce business in multiple markets back to Google’s top rank. With an data driven mindset and collaborative spirit, hard work becomes fun. I would definitely recommend, if you want your website to be the highest ranking kid in class!

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Frequently asked questions about Linkedin advertising

Read the most frequently asked questions from our customers.

LinkedIn is extremely effective social media platform when it comes to B2B marketing.

In fact, LinkedIn ads are more effective than Facebook ads or Instagram ads in helping you generate qualified leads.

When it comes to reaching an active and engaged B2B audience, LinkedIn is the dream platform, where various campaign and targeting options are available.

It’s a good idea to work with a professional online marketing agency – the team at DGTLbase can help you determine the best audiences and tactics for your goals.

There are two main advertising options on LinkedIn. Self-service ads (where you manage your own ad budget and campaign delivery) and managed campaigns (where the LinkedIn team helps oversee your activity).

The “right” option depends on your campaign, company size and goals – but it’s always worth bringing in a LinkedIn marketing agency to help you better understand your situation. The specialists at DGTLbase can help you make the right decisions, maintain effective LinkedIn management and maximize the impact of your LinkedIn ad.

We are an online marketing agency in Amsterdam that specializes in SEO and SEA (Digital Advertising). We have over 12+ years of experience in multiple online marketing areas. Our unique approach is data driven, allowing us to deliver high quality and excellent results for all your SEO and digital marketing needs. Our Digital Advertising services, also known as search engine advertising, include Google Ads, Display Advertising, App Advertising and Social Advertising. We have extensive experience on multiple social media channels, such as Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook and TikTok. Just because all of these networks are available to you doesn’t mean you have to advertise through all of them. We help you determine which platforms you want to advertise on to reach your target audience.

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