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Attracting potential users to your website and/or landing page is important and ultimately increases the chances of a sale. The correct link between your web pages to your product pages and the interest and time users spend on each product page is highly important.

As a renowned Link Building Agency, DGTLbase offers affordable link-building services to small and large companies.

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Dutch Search Awards
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Dutch Search Awards
Emerce award


The complexities and nuances of search engine optimisation require a steady hand. Our SEO agency has grown with Google and we keep up to date with algorithmic and technical updates on a daily basis.

Competitive analysis

Part of our link-building efforts is to conduct a thorough analysis of your competitors' backlink profiles to identify link-building opportunities for your website.

Our link-building agency categorizes each unique domain based on industry relevance and link availability.

After the segmentation, we use this data to develop your SEO link-building strategy.

Backlinks audit

A healthy backlink profile is critical to generating quality leads and traffic to your target web pages.

During the link-building campaign, our team performs in-depth backlink audits to prevent your website from ending up on Google's penalty list.

We get a full list of your referring domains, review your backlink profiles, identify weak and valuable links, prepare the audit and file for webmasters to reject, and suggest which links should be removed and which ones are to be considered high-quality backlinks.

Guest posts

Part of our link-building service is requesting linked postings on existing blog posts to gain space in an already-indexed article.

We contact authority websites and offer to add an authoritative, contextual backlink to their existing content. We only use white hat link-building guidelines, so all your inbound links are collected legitimately.

Repair broken links

We replace links to 404 pages with a working link to your target web page.

We identify relevant websites with broken backlinks, develop or reuse content that matches the linked resources, and pitch your replacement content.

Resolve Google penalty

Have you received a penalty from Google or is the number of website visitors suddenly dropping? Our SEO experts use various tools to determine which penalty applies to your website. We also check all your redirects to make sure they work correctly.

Outreach service

Manage your database of referring domains and, above all, maintain communication with external platforms. We build solid relationships with webmasters, bloggers, publishers, journalists and industry leaders to boost your backlink strategy.

We determine your target groups, map reliable websites with the same target group and evaluate the Search Engine Optimization performance of published websites.

“To make high-quality content rank even better, we use link building. This helps to be seen as more important and relevant to your competition.”

Bas Bijvoet
SEO consultant
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together we grow to new records

Work with an SEO agency that is committed to taking your website to the next level in terms of visibility, search engine rankings and traffic. See how we’ve helped other customers:

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The trusted experts in running your Google Ads/SEM, on the most efficient and effective day. They have proven to deliver excellent results in multiple markets for varying degrees of advertisers. Equally important, they are knowledgeable about multiple search platforms like Google and Bing and have great customer consulting skills.
AnitaRAI Amsterdam
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Real SEO & content marketing toppers. With great passion and success, SEO has been put on the map at the RAI. The strength lies in the fact that both the technology and the business switch well. Very nice to work with such result-oriented professionals!
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Our trusted advisors for SEO optimisation projects. From the beginning it was clear that they are very knowledgable and good at explaining things in a way everyone can understand. I would happily work with this team again and recommend them for anyone looking for a thorough SEO experts.
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A dedicated, ambitious and distinctive SEO Experts. The past year we worked together at our Marketing Department on various optimisation projects, bringing our eCommerce business in multiple markets back to Google’s top rank. With an data driven mindset and collaborative spirit, hard work becomes fun. I would definitely recommend, if you want your website to be the highest ranking kid in class!

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frequently asked questions about link building

Read the most frequently asked questions from our customers.

Every website needs a strategy that can boost its pages so that they rank higher in Google’s search results, increasing the likelihood of gaining more organic traffic. Outreach is possibly the most essential element in a good SEO strategy as it allows you to introduce your brand to a wider audience while being placed on high-authority websites that can improve your domain authority on Google through relevant backlinks.

Some effective link-building strategies include:

  • Creating high-quality content that would be appealing to high-authority websites
  • Reaching out to various websites in your niche and providing valuable content for which they will be more likely to link back to your website
  • Earning links through guest posting
  • Building relationships with influencers and bloggers in your industry/niche
  • Creating multimedia content which can be included on high-quality websites
  • Participating in online communities and forums related to your niche/industry

Contact us if you want to learn more about how we can help you reach your link-building goals.

Link building is a long-term investment for your brand and takes so long because of the many steps taken to ensure it is done correctly. Our experts thoroughly research your industry, keywords and competitors to develop a tailored strategy that works for your website. After that, we move on to the execution phase. In this phase, our outreach team implements the research by building relationships with influential journalists, bloggers and editors to host your links. Our skilled team of writers create compelling content to gain trust in search engine results. After about 8 to 10 weeks, after the links go live, you will notice results.

There is no specific number of links your website needs, as every keyword and search result will be different. As a rule of thumb, if you have more quality links than your competitors then in theory you should rank up in search engines and get your business on that lucrative first page. At DGTLbase you can outsource link building. Together we will ensure that your website and pages will rise in the search engines!

There are a number of reasons why you should outsource link building: One of them is saving time by outsourcing this task to a marketing agency like DGTLbase. We have the expertise and experience to build high-quality links.

An agency can help you focus on other aspects of your online marketing and SEO.

Are you ready to grow?