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Well-designed landing pages are essential for any inbound or paid marketing campaign. Whether designed to generate leads or sell products, optimizing them for conversions can be tricky. When someone arrives at one of your landing pages, you only have a few seconds to convince them to convert. The content, design, form, and call-to-action of your page all play an important role in whether or not the visitor decides to contact you.

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Landing page strategy and creation

Designing and formatting the many elements of a successful landing page can be complex. SevenAtoms has years of experience optimizing landing pages by working with a variety of different customers and offers. Our designers are experts in producing landing pages that generate high quality leads and customers and will incorporate proven conversion drivers into your page.

Platform expertise

There are several platforms that businesses can use for landing page design, and we have expertise in almost all of them. Whether it’s Unbounce, HubSpot, Marketo, WordPress, or any other platform, we can help you create a landing page optimized for audience engagement and conversion.

Conversion optimization

Those conversion drivers we mentioned above? They include social proof features, dynamic headlines, CTA placement and button optimization, and more. We discovered these best practices through our many landing page optimization projects and can use them to calculate conversion rates for increase your pages.

A/B Testing

A / B testing is key to making sure your landing pages consistently engage your audience and deliver results. We regularly test A / B elements of your landing pages – including text, CTAs, images, button design and general size – and optimize them to achieve constant improvement in your conversion rates.

CRM integration

Many companies use marketing automation and CRM sales platforms such as HubSpot, Marketo and Salesforce to organize lead and customer contact information. We can integrate your landing page form with these back-end platforms so that it immediately captures the information generated, eliminating the need to spend time manually entering data.

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Landing pages provide the perfect channel to attract more visitors and in turn convert them into customers. Landing pages are uniquely designed with the main goal of convincing potential customers to choose your business. Elements such as lead magnets and calls to action are the most important feature of a landing page, and they are critical to improving sales.

If you’re a business that operates online, landing pages are critical to your success. They are the perfect gateway to more customers. If you want to attract more customers and boost your sales, we recommend getting one designed

DGTLbase is one of the best landing page design firms in Amsterdam. Our expert digital marketers have worked with a variety of clients from different industries. This provides us with the knowledge and experience needed to design the best landing pages for your business.

We design custom landing pages that are ideal for the industry and market in which our customers operate. With the help of our exceptionally designed lead magnets, you are sure to benefit from a landing page. Using a landing page, you attract more customers by converting your visitors into leads and ultimately one hogere omzet te behalen

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