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Google Analytics 4 user Properties: Add Users

Google Analytics 4 helps you to collect data and many insights into visitor behaviour from various channels. These insights help you to get more out of online marketing. For that reason, we always request access to your Google Analytics 4 account, but we will never ask for your login details. We prefer our e-mail address be added to your Google Analytics 4 account. In this way, you will always retain control over the account, and its user property but we can watch and make adjustments if needed.

With the steps below you can add a new user to Google Analytics 4

Step 1

Log in to Google Analytics

  • Go to the Google Analytics website
  • Log in with your details.
  • You will now land on your Google Analytics page.

Step 2


  • Go to ‘Admin’ at the bottom left. Now you land on an overview page with two columns; ‘Account’ and ‘Property’.

Step 3

Assign rights to the new user in the Google Analytics account:

  • Under ‘Account’, click on “Account Access Management”.
  • To grant access to a new user, click on the ‘+’ symbol at the top right and choose ‘Add user’.
  • Enter the e-mail address and grant the rights to the new user.
  • Click ‘Add’ at the top right.

Step 4

Done! The new user has been successfully added to your Google Analytics 4 account.