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Through digital PR, content audit and website restructuring.

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About o9 solustions

o9 Solutions is a software technology company with a focus on the supply chain. The company’s mission is to enable multinationals to make better and faster decisions through digitalization.

The issue

o9 Solutions had ambitions to increase organic traffic, leads and market share in the US. However, SEO content creation was not prioritized from management and with that, no budget for SEO. On the other hand, o9 Solutions competitors have websites with hundreds of content pages.

Research, potential and organic ROI

Through keyword research, we conducted an in-depth potential analysis and, combined with a competitive analysis, investigated how to achieve the highest ROI. The research showed that o9 Solutions fell outside the top 10 organically on the main focus keywords. In addition, the website had minimal visibility across the entire funnel: at awareness, consideration and decision levels. In the focus countries the Netherlands, United States and Germany where the market share per stage in the funnel was very low; awareness (0%), consideration (0%) and decision (4%).

The Solutions pages were 3 clicks from the root domain in the structure, giving them too little authority to rank competitively.


To achieve growth, we scrutinized and restructured the content. The website structure was optimized by removing unnecessary category layers, this extra category layer had no added value in the customer journey from a conversion and assisted conversion point of view. The ‘Solutions’ pages can garner more authority this way. The content audit was conducted on weakly performing pages (low impressions, clicks, engagement or conversion), we then removed these pages and relevant content was moved to focus pages. We also improved conversion on landing pages by adding essential elements such as USPs and Use Cases. For the awareness phase, we converted audio content, such as videos and podcasts, to written content.

Internal link building automation optimizes the internal authority of the ‘Solutions’ pages. All blogs and podcasts now automatically generate links to the services pages. By integrating Digital PR into the sales process, with publications on partnerships with o9 Solutions, we strengthened the authority of the focus services, and by scrapping various data sources, journalists in relevant industries could be approached with content relevant to them.

Finally, we found that the forms on the ‘Solutions’ pages had a high drop-out rate. We optimized conversion by adapting the current multistep form to a shortened form, without compromising the quality of the leads.

The results

The results prove that even without a content creation budget, great results can be achieved in competitive markets. As long as a solid SEO strategy is formulated based on data insights and an efficient multichannel approach.

  • Growth in organic traffic YoY of 32%
  • Growth in MQLs YoY of 48%
  • Growth in US market share from 4% to 8% YoY

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