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Increase the quality of Google Ads leads through campaign consolidation, accurate GACT & EC4L and automation

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About IFS

IFS, headquartered in Linköping, Sweden, is a world-renowned enterprise software company. Their specialty lies in developing and delivering customized business software solutions for customers engaged in manufacturing, distribution, asset management and service-oriented activities on a global scale.

The issue

IFS faced challenges in tracking and generating high-quality leads through Google Ads. Their challenges stemmed from ineffective conversion tracking, campaigns that were not efficiently structured, a lack of relevant keywords matched to their business groups across the marketing funnel and a lack of focus on proactively monitoring the account.

Research, potential and organic ROI

IFS wanted Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) back to Google Ads for improved reporting and a more accurate assessment of Google Ads’ contribution to the company’s success.

Previously, IFS relied on Google Analytics for conversion tracking, reporting and optimization. However, this approach limited the amount of data going into Google Ads, which prevented the algorithm from getting the insights it needed to function optimally.

Therefore, the main objectives for IFS were to ensure they had solid Google Ads conversion tracking, consolidated campaigns and efficient automation for account monitoring.

Our paid advertising earned IFS global market leaders as clients by 2023, such as the largest telecoms provider in the Netherlands.

The solution & implementation

We based IFS’ growth strategy on 3 pillars:

  1. Accurate lead tracking, MQLs and SQLs in Google Ads. To ensure that every lead, from initial interest to becoming a Sales-Qualified Lead (SQL), is accurately tracked.
  2. In-depth keyword research based on search volumes, trends, forecasts and competitive analysis.
  3. Consolidated structure and automated optimizations via Google Scripts.

IFS’ target audience consists of multimillion-dollar companies interested in cloud software. Within these organizations, senior managers work in marketing, finance and procurement. We ensured that the ad text and landing page content matched this target audience.

The results

By implementing solid conversion tracking via GTM, consolidating the account structure and implementing Google Scripts to automate optimizations. Between January and June 2023, we achieved the following extraordinary results YoY:

  • +1043% Growth in Leads
  • +651% Growth in Conversion Rate of
  • +552% Growth in CTR
  • +89% Decrease in cost per lead by 89
  • +62% Growth in MQLs across all online marketing channels
  • +44% growth in SQLs across all online marketing channels



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