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About Welhof

Today, Curlygirlmovement is a mega platform. With many loyal followers and customers worldwide, the assortment has expanded to include even more amazing products designed specifically for curly hair. Today, Curlygirlmovement even welcomes customers to its first Curly Hair Spa & Store, located in Amsterdam.

The issue

DGTLbase was given the task of optimizing Curlygirlmovement’s SEA efforts, with a focus on using the ad budget more efficiently. It was clear that a reduction in ad spend compared to previous performance was necessary. In addition, the cost per conversion needed to be drastically reduced, while the overall account needed to perform demonstrably better and more efficiently.

Research, potential and organic ROI

Based on in-depth market research, we decided to focus the SEA strategy on four pillars.

Cost savings and targeting: We wanted to optimise the ad budget and specifically target women with curly hair, which proved to be the ideal target group after thorough analysis.

Reduce cost per conversion: We aimed for significant cost savings per conversion, focusing on women with curly hair as our main target audience.

Improve efficiency: Curlygirlmovement’s SEA account needed to perform demonstrably better, especially in reaching women with curly hair.

Content API: For Google Shopping, we used the Content API. This communication with the Merchant Center platform significantly increased the efficiency of managing Curlygirlmovement’s Merchant Center account.

After implementing different bidding strategies, the costs decreased by 37% and ROAS increased by 18%.

The solution & implementation

  1. Tracking Transition to GTM: DGTLbase migrated Curlygirlmovement’s tracking from traditional Analytics to Google Tag Manager (GTM), enabling accurate tracking solutions such as POAS.
  2. Campaign Structure Redesign: The camvpaign structure was revised by splitting the account into different campaigns based on topics.
  3. Optimizing Bidding Strategies: Various bidding strategies were implemented and experimented with, with successful results including a decrease in cost per conversion (-37%) and an increase in ROAS (+18%).
  4. Google Shopping Automation with Labelizer: Within Google Shopping, we ran into some issues including the many numbers in products, high numbers of zombies and little automation. Because there are multiple products for each product type. For example, a conditioner has multiple types (Light, Heavy, etc) and can be available in multiple combo compositions. Each combination of type and composition is treated as a product in the Merchant Centre. Use of the Producthero Labeliser to automatically segment products based on performance into Heroes, Sidekicks, Villains and Zombies.
  5. Branded Standard Shopping Feed: Implementation of a Branded Standard Shopping Feed to maximize branded traffic.
  6. Standard Branded Shopping Campaign: Dedicated campaign to manage traffic through branded searches and gain more control over performance
  7. Landing Page Improvements with SEO team: Technical CRO improvements including load time optimization, clear CTAs, A/B testing, navigation menu minimization, a mobile-first approach, page title and meta description optimization, secure checkout and behavioral analysis with Hotjar.

The results

The comparison between the periods from 1 January 2023 to 30 June 2023 and 1 January 2022 to 30 June 2022 illustrates the following impressive results achieved by DGTLbase:

  • The conversion rate has increased by 175%
  • The number of conversions increased by 67%
  • An ROAS increase of 68%
  • The advertising budget has decreased by 48%
  • The cost per conversion has dropped by 70%




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