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What is SEO

Search engine optimization is achieving traffic and visibility from search engines by responding to the needs of search engine users with an appropriate message at the right time. These activities are performed by making your web pages more relevant and popular from the pages of your website. Proper execution of this leads to a higher score in the search results and more visitors to your website. Mainly because the vast majority of Google users don’t look beyond the first page.

Why should I use (seo)search engine optimization?

Every month, an average of 700,000,000 searches are performed, of which 95% of these searches are performed via Google. These searches are done by people who are looking for information about a specific product or service. The importance of SEO is explained on the basis of a practical example:

Floris is looking for an exclusive sneaker and would like to buy an exclusive sneaker from his acquaintance Jeroen. Jeroen has his own webshop with exclusive sneakers.
Floris goes to and types in “buy exclusive sneakers” Floris sees a number of web shops listed, but his friend Jeroen’s is not among them. Jeroen is then drawn to this. Jeroen finds out that he does not mention this anywhere on his website. Subsequently, he mentions on his website that it is possible to buy exclusive sneakers. Because Jeroen mentions the exclusivity on his website, his website is seen by Google as an exclusive sneaker store. As a result, Jeroen’s website is found in Google’s search results.

Search engine optimization is important because it allows you to respond to the search intentions of potential customers. To respond to these intentions, you must ensure that you are immediately found for search terms that are interesting for your website. The process of being found more easily with the aim of scoring as high as possible within the organic (free) search results and generating relevant traffic through these results is what we call search engine optimization.

How do I rank higher in Google search results faster

  1. Work from the wishes and needs of your visitors!
  2. Make sure website is readable (crawlable) for search engines (such as Google)
  3. Focus on creating good and, above all, unique content. This ultimately leads to more link building
  4. Use keywords on your page that actually have to do with your website
  5. Provide optimized page title and meta description of your web pages

5 Useful SEO Tips to Get Your Website Higher in Google

  1. Optimize your images by using ALT tags. Briefly describe the image in the ALT tag
  2. Do not use _ (underscores) in your urls, but use a (hyphen)
  3. Link internally to different pages of your website
  4. Make sure your website is regularly updated with new content
  5. Avoid using sub-domains.

Why SEO should be a part of your online marketing channels?

Below are some benefits of using SEO:

  • SEO ensures more visitors to your website
  • Optimizing your website not only ensures higher positions in the search engines, but also improves user-friendliness for your visitors
  • SEO leads visitors looking for your product/service to your website. This ensures a high conversion rate
  • SEO increases trust in your website
  • The benefits of correctly applying a solid SEO strategy has long-term effect
  • SEO saves your money!

Below 4 disadvantages of SEO:

  • Many companies forget that they write content for their visitors and not for the search engines
  • Seeing results requires time and commitment
  • You do not have full influence and control over your positions in the search results
  • Getting a high position in the search results is no guarantee of success

What is SEO copywriting and why it is important

SEO copywriting is writing content from the perspective of the potential visitor of your website. You do this mainly by answering questions from your customers and making it easy to read your website.

SEO Writing explained using a simple example:

We write a blog about ‘What online marketing channels are there?’ A few weeks later someone searches Google for which online marketing channels there are. Because we have written an extensive article about this, they will find our article in the search results.

SEO Copywriting is important because:

  • It plays an important role in determining your position in the search engines
  • It generates traffic to your website
  • It ensures that your content writes based on the needs of a search engine and your visitors
  • It makes link building easier

What is Link building?

In order to score a higher position in Google, ‘link building’ plays an essential role. Link building is the process whereby external websites point to your website, because a search engine ranks you based on the number of links to your page and relevance. The number of links to your website from valuable external domains increases the popularity of your site for a search engine, which in turn gives you a higher position in search results. Another advantage of link building is that the referral also generates visitors to the referring website. Selecting the right text in the link ensures more relevance and clarity for a search engine. Example from practice:

A fashion blogger writes an article about Floris’ shoe shop:

“This is my favourite exclusive shoe shop” because the blogger refers to Floris’ shoe shop in the underlined part (anchor text), the search engine more easily links the terms exclusive shoe shop to Floris’ webshop. These texts that refer to other websites are called anchor texts.

The 5 best free SEO tools

Below is an overview of a number of useful SEO tools

  • Google Page Speed Insight
    It allows you to rate the speed and usability of your website for desktop and mobile
    Are you looking for new search terms? Get inspired with this tool.
  • Screaming Frog
    Use this tool to crawl your website to map the technology of your website.
  • Open site explorer
    Do you want to know the Domain authority of your website or find out which websites link to your site, with this free SEO tool you do this by entering the url of your website.
  • Yoast
    Do you have a wordpress website? Install Yoast to get your on-site SEO in order. With this tool you can easily add page titles and meta descriptions.

Why SEO? Consequences of no SEO optimizations

Of course you expect me to say that your traffic plummets, that’s true, but this can also happen if you do SEO in the wrong way. You have companies that want to take a break on SEO and believe that it will not cause any problems. In this article I’m going to talk about the consequences of quitting SEO.

What Happens When You Stop SEO Optimizations?

If you stop posting content

When you stop publishing content, the following happens:

  • You stop focusing on new keywords, which can lead to ranking on new keywords and less new traffic
  • You do not create new pages so that your number of internal links will not grow
  • No new visitors also means fewer visitors to add to your remarketing and mailing list
  • Less content to share via social media or via email
  • Fewer returning visitors because there is no new content to come back for

If you no longer monitor your website for technical issues

You often see that technical issues occur for no reason. Personally, I have never seen a website that does not have technical SEO issues. That is why I regularly perform an SEO analysis of my own website. Would you like to know how to conduct an analysis yourself? read it in my article performing SEO analysis.

If you don’t monitor the technical aspects of your site, the following issues can arise:

  • You block your website via the robots.txt file
  • You generate duplicate content
  • Your visitors come to pages that indicate an error message
  • Your visitors come to pages that are only for employees
  • If you don’t keep an eye on these things and fix them, the number of problems on the website will increase. Ultimately, this will lead to a poor user experience, fewer visitors and ultimately fewer conversions.
SEO helps every company to become more discoverable for keywords that potential customers are looking for, but it also helps to give these potential customers a positive contact moment with your brand.
Of course, most companies do not intend to stop with SEO, but as your company grows, it is important to let the SEO activities grow with it. That is why companies often hire an SEO specialist to keep up with growth.

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