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What is Google Shopping

It is nowadays impossible to escape Google shopping as a consumer or webshop owner. Google shows product ads in the search results through Google Shopping. Google Shopping compares the various providers for the consumer. The consumer can recognize Google Shopping by the image of the product, title, price and the name of the provider.

When clicking Shopping in google in the search results, there are several options to consult the search results. For example, the consumer can compare the prices of the products with those of the competitors. Google Shopping compares the product with various providers, whereby the consumer himself can categorize the search results by means of a filter. For example, the consumer could search by price or review score.

As a webshop owner, this should be an important part of your online marketing. Google Shopping is intended for webshop owners who offer products and are willing to incur costs for the advertisements. It is used for advertising and selling products. Google Shopping does not work like Google ads based on keywords but works with a product feed. A product feed, also called a Google Shopping feed, is a list that consists of products from a webshop owner.


A consumer who is looking for a product enters the name of the product into google. This results in various search results from Google with the products that Google thinks are what the consumer is looking for. It is interesting for webshop owners, because you can advertise at product level with Google Shopping.

Set up Google Shopping

To link existing products as a webshop owner, you must first pass on your Google Shopping feed to google. It is important that the product feed complies with Google’s conditions. Each product is described in its own unique way with a group of characteristics.

Linking is done via Google’s Merchant Center. Here you can add the Google Shopping feed of the products. When you’re done with this, you can link the Merchant Center to your Google Shopping ads account. You can then set up a campaign for your product via Google Shopping ads. If you want to know more about setting up campaigns in Google ads, read the blog on our site. After setting up all campaigns, you can determine the amount of the bids per click. The amount of the amount depends on various factors. We will come back to that later.

Is Google Shopping Effective?

Webshop owners cannot ignore Google Shopping. It should be the first campaign to build out of in Google Ads. Experience shows that Google Shopping works relatively well for existing webshop owners. This can be seen in the increase in sales percentages when advertising intensively with Google Shopping. It increases conversions on the site. The Google Shopping ads are above all other ads on the page, so an increase in the number of clicks to the webshop is a logical consequence. The product is visually visible with the amount, so the chance of relevant visitors and/or potential buyers is quite high.

What are the benefits of Google Shopping?

Below is a list of important benefits of Google Shopping:
• Accessibility
• Increase on conversions
• High quality leads
• Link with Google Ads
• Visibility for the products

What are the disadvantages of Google Shopping?

Below is a list of important disadvantages of Google Shopping:

  • Cost of advertisements
  • Uploading product feeds
  • Time consuming (depending on usage and plugins)

What are the costs for Google Shopping?

Of course, advertising via Google Shopping involves the necessary costs. The cost depends on several factors, such as the number of products in your feed and the competition advertising the same product. It is also important what the competitor is willing to offer per click. As a result, the costs per click differ with Google Shopping ads. What is included in the cost per click is the quality of the ads and feed. The Quality Score also affects the amount per click. The more qualitative the advertisement and feed, the less the webshop owner has to pay.

Do you want to increase your ROI in the short term?

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