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What is an SEO analysis – And how do I perform this audit

Performing an SEO analysis will inform you of the current findability and status of your website. This analysis also identifies the possibilities for increasing your findability and traffic. You can perform a basic SEO analysis in 7 steps. Below is a brief description of the steps that you must follow.


Step 1: Google Analytics & Google search console (webmasters)

First of all, it is important to find out where the traffic on your website comes from and how they move through the different pages of your website. An example of this is that most visitors who arrive at a landing page of your website from Google do not stay on your website for more than 30 seconds. To retrieve this data, a Google Analytics code must be placed on your website. Google search console is mainly used to find out technical details of your website. This tool provides insight into various aspects such as broken links on the page and crawl errors.

Stap 2: Robots.txt en HTML & XML sitemaps

Create or check your robots.txt file. In the robot txt you indicate which pages should be crawled by the search engine. In this robot txt you mention the sitemap of your website. The sitemap is used to inform the search engine more quickly about changes on the website. As a result, changes to the sites will be indexed faster compared to a website that does not have a sitemap.

Step 3: Fix broken links

Broken links are pages that are not found or have an error. You can map these by using tools such as Google webmaster or Screamingfrog. Regularly landing visitors on a page with an error has a negative effect on your conversion and SEO.

Step 4: Check the speed of your website

To give your visitor a good experience on your website, it is important that your website also functions quickly. You can check this for the mobile version and the desktop version of your website with google pagespeed.

Step 5: Mobile and usability

Today, most websites are accessed from a mobile device. That’s why Google has included the mobile-friendliness of every website as a factor that your website can rank on. This makes it essential for you to check this. The same applies to the user-friendliness of your website. Make sure that your website has a clear structure and that it responds to the intentions of the visitors.

Step 6: Keyword Analysis and Meta Tags

In order to respond to the needs of the user, it is important to have these mapped out. Find out what keywords and questions your potential customer uses to get to your website. Map out with a keyword research, how often these terms are searched and set up your website according to the search wishes of your potential customer. The meta descriptions have an important role in increasing your CTR, so it is important to check and optimize them where necessary. The same goes for the title tag. This plays a role in the ranking of your website.

Step 7: Evaluate your off page optimization (link build activities)

View your Domain authority, page authority and view the link building options for your top 5 keywords, on which you want to rank better.

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