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Set up Google Adwords Campaign

You want your company to be positioned as well as possible in the Google search engine. With good positioning and the right settings, you maintain the quality of the account and traffic. The settings when creating advertisements play a role in this, but also the interpretation of advertisements. With an adwords campaign you ensure that your company as a name appears in the search results in a qualitative way. The moment you do not arrange this according to the wishes of Google, you will be positioned lower and you will pay more per click.


1. Set up advertisements based on Google support

Set up your ads based on Google support.

► Go to

  • Select the heading Adwords
  • In the settings column select your ads and create campaigns
  • You then choose a topic that applies to the part of the campaign

2. Advertisement Settings

► Go to: Adwords > My Client Center > Click on the Campaigns heading > Then on + Campaign > Select only in the Search Network and select all functions to start creating a campaign.

Give the campaign a relevant name. It may apply to your ads or a particular audience. The advice is to use Exact keywords and Broad Match Modifier keywords because you can reach your target group more specifically.

Always create an exact and BMM variant of the campaign whereby you exclude the exact keywords in the broad match modifier campaign. The reason for this is to direct traffic in the right direction and to avoid bidding against yourself. Example campaign name: 01.00 Ladies-Collection-BMM or Eg. 01.00-Women-Collection-Exact) This will ultimately help in analyzing and optimizing campaigns through reports.

► Scroll down and see the options for settings

  • Networks: Select Google search & search partners
  • Devices: The advice is to select all devices in the beginning and adjustments can be made in the event of any optimizations.
    • Locations
    • Select the desired country that you want to target with your ads, but if you want to advertise even more specifically, you can advertise on cities or zip codes via advanced search

► Scroll until you get to languages

  • Select Dutch & English
  • Then click save and continue

► Create ad groups > Name the ad group that falls under the new campaigns and have applications to it > for example the 01.00-Women-Collect campaign > Ad group: Pants Women’s Clothing or Jackets Women’s Clothing

3. Create Google Adwords Ads

► This is where the Final URL, Heading, Path 1 & 2, Heading 1 & Heading 2 and description are entered. Examples are shown next to these topics.

  • Final URL > Enter a relevant landing page
  • Headline 1: Heading your keywords as relevant as possible and filling in the ad
  • Path 1 & 2 : This is always the base URL associated with the subject of ad group > for example (
  • Headings 1 & 2: A relevant text based on your company’s USPs or a competitive starting price. (both limited to 30 characters)
  • Description : Most of the text can be entered here with a maximum of 80 characters
    Create sample ad

When you have filled in all fields without errors, click on ‘rate campaign’

Ability to create multiple ads

  • Creating multiple ads for an ad group is recommended (min. 2). This allows you to test ads against each other, but make sure that the ad rotation setting is set to Rotate indefinitely.
  • Click on ‘Rate campaign’ , then on ‘Save and close’

Overview Campaigns with ad groups

  • Click on keywords and then on ‘+keywords’
  • The ad will be best positioned if the keywords match the ad text (Header)
  • You can add words you want to be found on
  • Place a ‘+’ for each keyword in the Modified Broad campaigns, e.g. +decent shoes
  • In the Exact campaigns all keywords start and end with ‘[ ]’ e.g. [decent shoes]
  • Always set the bids higher for your exact campaigns, because in the end they will be cheaper and you want to use the BMM campaigns to bring in relevant keyword ideas.

Ad extensions

The advice here is to use sitelinks, callout extensions and extensions for campaign-level website information. All the different extensions are described in detail via this link:

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