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Creative social media campaigns

Creative social media campaigns with emoticons in the lead. We use them more and more in our daily communication: emojis and emoticons. It is therefore not surprising that emoticons are increasingly used in today’s marketing communication. Especially in communication via social media, where companies provoke interaction with their target group, companies use emoticons to give extra power to their message. We have listed a number of creative examples for inspiration.

1. Alpro creatively conducts market research

Alpro’s marketing department has cleverly responded to the possibilities of the new like button. The company creatively conducted market research among its followers by asking: which almond drink is your favorite? The question could be answered on the basis of an emoji, which is integrated in the Facebook like button. This form of interaction is creative and effective, because in this way you find out what your customers and potential customers think and want.

2. Durex maps the consequences of unprotected sex

Condom manufacturer Durex has also found the emoticons in its marketing campaign for sex education. Durex wants people to have sex with each other in a safe way and communicate this through emoticons. The condom is not yet part of the standard emoticon package, but Durex does aim to include it in the future. The social interests of safe sex play a major role in this.

3. #doeslief campaign by SIRE

With the #DOESLIEF campaign, SIRE Netherlands holds up a mirror. The campaign is directed against unkind behaviour, for example on social media or in public areas. What do you do when you read a message from one Kim on Twitter: “What a shit recipe. Vomit!”? Should you join her? No, SIRE has a better idea. You should tweet back: “Hi Kim, do you mean the following? I love good food, but next time I prefer a different recipe. #Doeslief.”

4. At Domino's you order a pizza by tweeting one

Pizza chain Domino’s also uses emoticons very cleverly. Ordering a pizza is already very easy, but Domino’s goes one step further. All you need to do is send an email to Domino’s with your Twitter account and you’ve placed your order. This is only possible if you have linked your Twitter account to your Domino’s profile. You can imagine that companies create a better image with this type of promotion and also sell a lot more products or services.

5. McDonald's moves into the emotional motorist

The Good Times at McDonald’s marketing campaign focused entirely on emoticons. The campaign consisted of 5 different expressions. All 5 reflect frustrating and/or recognizable situations for everyone. These situations are ‘solved’ by McDonald’s. From shopping for hours with your wife to being in a traffic jam due to road works, at McDonald’s you can close these experiences in a good way. We’re lovin it! We mean the marketing campaign of course!

6. Netflix communicates the genre of new series through emoticons

Netflix, who doesn’t use it? At Netflix, they are not only strong in producing bingewatch-worthy series, but also in setting up creative marketing campaigns on social media. Emoticons are regularly used in their online communication to reinforce a message. A good example is communicating the genre of new series, for example the detective emoji announcing a new detective series.

7. KLM announces a new destination in a fun way ✈

KLM is legendary online because of their webcare team that speaks to their customers in an amusing but correct way and it is not uncommon that they use appropriate emoticons. The team that is responsible for the online content is also good at using emoticons. They use emoticons to provoke interaction and to support the message. The post had a large reach with more than 1,000 likes and more than 350 comments. It seems we have reached our destination.

8. asks customers a question and creates interaction

The social media accounts of are known for the fast and catchy hacks. They do not miss any news or event to put a smile on the face of their followers. In the run-up to Valentine’s Day ❤ posted the above image on Facebook. It provided a lot of interaction and a huge reach. You can bet that it encouraged people to buy a present (quickly), because can even deliver on the day of order.

9. WWF uses emoticons to create awareness

The WWF launched a Twitter campaign featuring 17 emoticons of endangered species, including panda and tiger . Donations could be made by following the hashtag #EndangeredEmoji, retweeting the post or responding to the post with one of the 17 emoticons. The latter option made it possible to rely on a specific animal species. The donation costs were only €0.10 at a time. The Twitter campaign received approximately 559,000 mentions and more than 59,000 signups in the first three months since its release. Do the math!

10. IKEA has its own emoticon pack

IKEA claims that if they use more emojis in their communication, men and women would get along better. That is why IKEA introduces its own emoticons: the means of communication for more love and understanding in your home. The emoticons are also used in the application to categorize product groups. We have to wait for the moment when the emoticons are also visible in online communication or even physical stores.

11. Ditzo advertises with emoticons to announce WhatsApp service

WhatsApp, we all use it to quickly pass on a message, whether or not accompanied by emoticons. It is often impossible to pass on something quickly when you call an insurance company. Ditzo cleverly responded to that annoyance and opened a WhatsApp account. There is no platform that lends itself better to the use of emoticons and these therefore play the leading role in their campaign to put their new service “not on hold, but a WhatsApp” on the map.

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