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We help B2B companies to achieve more results online. Whether you supply a product or service to a company (business-to-business, also known as B2B) or consumer (business-to-consumer, also known as B2C) makes a world of difference. The b2b customer is a different type of user and decision-maker than the b2c customer. For example, she is much more rational than the decidedly emotional B2C customer.


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Before the digital age, companies mainly met each other at trade fairs and events. Networking and exchanging tickets all day long. In addition, traditionally a lot of use was made of direct marketing (for example cold calling) and PR. But slowly you see that online marketing is catching up. The method of b2b online marketing is aimed at seducing your customer in steps to enter into a commitment.
  • Lead generation; enticing potential customers to leave contact details. You can then follow up on this.
  • Customer profile; what needs does your customer have and how can you best respond to them?
  • Lead nurturing; You have piqued the interest of your lead, now the job is to keep this interest warm. Give him more information, tempt him to click through and get in touch on a regular basis. Finally, tempt him into making a paid commitment.

What do you need?

b2b online marketing tools.

Content & Inbound marketing

You actually want to be of value to your customers. You are an authority in your industry, sector or field. You don’t just become this. You must consistently deliver information to your customers. At that point, they will increasingly recognize you as the expert. You achieve this by writing relevant blogs, sharing knowledge articles or e-books, making online tools available and having interesting offers.

As a result, your leads are willing to leave contact details. At that moment the next phase starts. From lead to sale.

Search engine optimization (seo) & search engine advertising (sea)

SEO and SEA also play an important role in B2B online marketing. However, there is a difference with b2c online marketing. Where the consumer may purchase directly online, the b2b customer will first want to find even more information and confidence. This information must fit in seamlessly with his search. Therefore, provide very good content, user experiences and product reviews. This is the starting point for the B2B customer.

B2b e-commerce & sales

E-commerce refers to the online sale of products or services. A customer no longer has to physically visit the store and can compare products online. You can more easily entice your customer to make repeat purchases or offer more targeted additional products at the time of sale. You can see this as increasing the receipt. You come in for one product, but you end up paying for several products. All of this is aimed at optimizing the customer experience.

Lead generation with seo

Many B2B companies focus on search terms that are directly related to the product or service they provide. However, many customers often focus on the problem that this product or service can solve. Think of “costs of online marketing” versus “how can I be found online faster?”. Because you are of value to your potential customer early on, you will likely also be of value to them later in the purchasing process. It’s all about adding value and building trust.

B2b target group

As we mentioned earlier, there is a difference in the buyer of your product when you look at a b2c company and a b2b company. In B2B this is the decision-maker. At b2c the end user. Because it often concerns a serious investment, there are several stakeholders and / or decision-makers. That makes it a more bureaucratic purchasing process. We deliberate and weigh. Sometimes it looks more like a political game. As a result, you are not only there with a good story and product. You can think of it as a game of chess. You have to convince all decision-makers, or at least the majority. This can be a time consuming process. The B2B online marketer must therefore sketch a very clear customer profile. What are the needs and considerations of the B2B customer? Especially if you are new to the market it is difficult. After all, you have no other customers you can refer to. We can help you increase this confidence in other ways.


These products aim to help other companies. This can be by setting up more efficient processes, offering services that another company does not have in house (for example b2b online marketing) or products that are necessary for the performance of the work.


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