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Are you interested in Advertising on Apps? Thanks to App Advertising we increase your app downloads and we ensure that you are visible to the right target group. We can do this via app campaigns from the Google stack, but also via Apple Search Ads. Within App Advertising there are no more secrets for us and we always choose the right strategy that ensures the lowest CPI & CPA. We always determine the strategy based on the data from Appsflyer or Adjust.




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App advertising


You can’t create a successful app ad campaign without a plan. At DGTLbase, we start by developing a comprehensive strategy for your campaign based on your business goals. After determining the best app advertising strategy that will help you reach your target audience, we build your campaign to position your business for success from the start.


For an App advertising campaign to be effective, you need to know exactly who your target audience is, the demographics, behaviors and the websites they visit. We split and analyze your ad audience and determine the best combination of keywords and website placements to target them. We then continue to monitor and optimize your campaign targeting to achieve continuous results.


Once your campaign strategy and structure are in place, we focus on optimizing your offerings and ads to generate leads. Our team can develop ads with clear calls to action that maximize click-through rates. We also create multiple versions of your ads for A/B testing when possible, replacing the worst performing one and boosting the others to achieve constant improvement.


Landing pages are the best tool for marketers to capture contact information and convert visitors into leads. We develop custom landing page strategies to increase relevancy and facilitate conversions. Our in-house design experts make sure every landing page matches your ad and offer. Finally, we take into account the branding of your company.


As soon as your App advertising campaign is active, we continuously monitor it for possible improvements and optimization. We also implement URL tracking codes on all of your app ads for full lead attribution. We believe it is important to be transparent with our customers, so we regularly send you extensive reports, complete with detailed analysis and our expert performance review.



DGTLbase has delivered top-class digital and mobile App advertising for some of the world’s best-known brands. We generate leads for your brand or website through your app. Our customers’ wins are our wins. We always go the extra mile to deliver the results you expect.

Business case: DGTLbase x Dept Agency x Fiit

Do your preferred workout whenever you want, wherever you want. A dream for many. Thanks to Fiit, this dream has become reality for many fitness beginners and enthusiasts. Since launching as a start-up with a unique business plan, it has become the most used fitness app in the UK. How did they get there? DGTLbase and Dept Agency gave them a nudge in the right direction.

Making fitness accessible to everyone, everywhere.

To reach the right target groups and strengthen Fiit’s online presence, we have implemented an optimal Google paid search strategy. By focusing on the most valuable installs and ensuring that users were likely to start a free trial, we created App Campaigns with a focus on our most valuable in-app event (free trials). In addition, we split assets into ad groups to show personalized content based on users’ preferences for a particular form of exercise.

App stores are at the heart of our performance strategy. With the Google App campaigns, we’ve covered the Play Store. To ensure we reach the iOS users in the App Store, we have set up campaigns in Apple Search Ads to make it easy for iOS users to discover and find the Fiit App.


When it comes to App advertising, there are a number of tips and tricks to achieve success.

Test, test and more testing
Understanding which combination of factors produces the best results is important in app advertising. The answer is to test, test and more test.

Test which ad size works best for each campaign. Test different pricing models and see which one works best for your app. Finally, experiment with different ads and see which one pays the most.

Make Sure You Adhere to Privacy Guidelines
Changes in consumer privacy laws and regulations are more important than ever. It is important that you adhere to the guidelines and ensure that your app works within the requirements.

Attract users who are interested in your ads
If App advertising is an important revenue stream for your app, make sure that your (marketing) efforts focus on users who are familiar with your app/brand.

App Store Optimization, also known as ASO optimization, increases the visibility of your app in the app stores. For example Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can compare it with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This increases the findability of a website in search engines such as Google and Bing. That attracts more visitors.

As an App Store Optimization company, we optimize the metadata, ads and visibility of your app. We also do App Store keyword optimization. All this increases conversion. So people not only click on the app, they also download it on their device.

Becoming more discoverable through App Store Optimization marketing is an important step towards growth. First of all, it increases the visibility of your app in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. These app stores use a special algorithm that is constantly changing. For example, it registers which services your app offers. Our App Store Optimization specialist understands the algorithm like no other and responds to it. This way we get maximum results from your App Store Optimization.

In addition, you conquer higher positions in the Google search engine for certain keywords. Your app is shown when visitors enter certain search queries in the App App Store. You will also be visible in the ‘recommended app’ sections of similar apps. Did you know that about 65% of iOS app downloads come from searches in the App store? 

Finally, you are more likely to be found through searches in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. As a result, more consumers come to your app, while you don’t have to spend more money on advertisements. In the long term, this prevents high costs.