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Everything about DGTLbase

We are a full-funnel growth agency specialized in quick wins and long-term growth. We provide scalable marketing for every phase of your marketing funnel and every milestone of the customer journey. We are experts in playing the long-term game and positioning our customers as market leaders that potential customers turn to.


At DGTLbase, we work on a small scale with a team of experts who are perfectly attuned to each other. We would like to introduce ourselves to you so that you know who you are working with. Thanks to the small scale, the contact with you as a customer always remains personal and optimally focused on your objectives.

We like to think along with you, we switch up or down, but continue to grow together.

Knowing what you have and where you want to go is key. That is why everything we do is data driven. From visiting your website and your newsletter subscribers, to retention on your social channels, everything is data oriented. So that we can create a crystal-clear road map for your most important target groups and objectives.

Data driven

We focus on data-driven strategies, where data insights beat opinions. We help our clients build future proof online strategies with achievable goals, translated into executable tactics.


Highly specialised

We're a highly specialised search agency, with the heart of a startup and the head of a CMO. We transform your business strategy into. a growth strategy, based on data and our expertise.

Diversity & inclusivity

We celebrate diversity & inclusivity. Everyone should feel comfortable to be themselves in our office and work. Next to that, we believe that focus on diversity can result in fantastic growth.

How we work

We start every project in the same way, but the execution is always personal and specialized for your company.

Discover hidden insights

We start with a personal conversation to hear everything about your brand and vision for the future. Our investigation starts immediately afterwards. We immerse ourselves in your brand and product, analyze competitors and get to know your customers, target group and sector inside and out.

Determining the strategy

The basis of every successful project has a clear objective. Together we formulate the top objectives and we look through which online channels these targets can best be achieved.

Design the solution

We combine your wishes, objectives and research data from the first phases, and then draw up a concrete plan that offers a suitable solution for your business challenge.

Get started!

When everyone is on the same page, it is time for the implementation. From quick wins to structural growth, we get started with content creation and optimization of your online channels. By evaluating in the meantime, we can quickly make adjustments in order to stay on track towards the intended goal.

Evaluate & optimize

Optimizing your online media is never done. After an initial optimization, results are evaluated and we look at what could be improved. This is how we work from optimization to evaluation in order to achieve the best result.
Als het project is voltooid ontvangt u een eindevaluatie waar alle doelstellingen en resultaten terug te zien zijn. Zo houdt u inzicht in de belangrijkste statistieken van uw merk en product zodat u ook na afloop van het project langdurig concurrentievoordeel houdt.

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